Tell McMorris Rogers to support the DREAM Act. 





There are 17,843 DACA recipients in Washington state that could be ripped from their families if this administration moves forward with removing protections for dreamers. Dreamers have only known America. They were raised here, they share our culture and they are our friends and neighbors.

I cannot imagine forcefully taking children from their homes and sending them to a place where they are strangers. Before DACA was implemented by President Obama, nearly 15% of the children deported were never reunited with family. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell joined 40 other senators and sent a letter to Trump in July, asking him to protect DACA.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers agreed in her statement this morning, saying “...we must protect children who are already here in this country and those who are currently protected under DACA.”  

McMorris Rodgers, as the 4th highest ranking Republican in the House, must pressure the President and urge him to #ProtectDACA, rather than send these children into uncertainty. I believe that if they grew up as children here, seek education or work here, then they ought to stay here. In a moral sense, these children are our fellow Americans and we must protect them.