Sutherland: Statement following Spokane vigil honoring lives lost in Charlottesville


PULLMAN — Washington 5th Congressional District Candidate Matthew J. Sutherland released the following statement regarding the events in Charlottesville. 

"Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak at SPOKANE CITIZENS STAND AGAINST RACISM during the heartfelt vigil honoring the lives lost in #Charlottesville. I spoke in solidarity with Heather Heyer, who was murdered by white supremacists during the domestic terrorist attack on American citizens.

Her incredible bravery and tragic death must be a reminder to us that there is still much more work to be done. We stand on the shoulders of giants who fought and died to pave the path toward equality, and it is our patriotic duty to defend these values that unite us as Americans – that all Men are created Equal.

That truth is one we have spent the entirety of our Country’s history fighting for.
We must honor Heather by carrying the torch forward. We must find strength in our families and communities, and know that we are strongest when we are united. In that, our resolve will know no bounds because we will face our opposition with overwhelming force and numbers.

In the absence of coherent leadership and direction from our administration for our country, it is up to us – the American people, to stand up to hatred, bigotry and violence wherever it rears its ugly head."