Sutherland: Statement on 'A Better Deal' — an economic plan for the future


PULLMAN — Washington 5th Congressional District Candidate Matthew J. Sutherland released the following statement on The Democratic Party's economic plan for the future.

"Today, U.S. Senate Democrats unveiled A Better Deal, an economic plan for the future that is focused on three specific objectives; raise wages and create jobs, lower the cost of living and build a 21st Century economy. I fully support the revitalized economic message, and commend Washington Senators Cantwell and Murray for their commitment toward addressing the priorities of working class Americans. 

The Democratic Party brought the first New Deal and fostered the largest and longest peacetime economic expansion in American history. I've been advocating for a bold, new and sustainable approach to the modernization of our economy while holding Town Halls across Eastern Washington's 5th Congressional District, and I am glad to see a renewed interest from party leaders to put people -- American families, at the forefront of our economic policy-making."