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I believe in a strong national defense and I’ve devoted my entire adult life to ensuring that America is safe from those who would do harm to our great nation. Appropriating the necessary amount of funds to properly equip, arm, and train our military to combat the next generation of threats must be a priority of your next representative.


When I was a Non-Commissioned Officer in the Army Reserves, I saw first hand how misappropriating defense spending directly affects the soldiers who ensure our nation remains free. We don’t need more money for defense, but we need to ensure that the money we do spend goes towards training and properly equipping our soldiers so they are proficient in their skills if placed in harm’s way.

When we combat terror, the United States has no choice but to work in conjunction with local and regional actors to find common causes and community-oriented solutions to avoid alienating different cultures and religions. We have to exercise more restraint when using force and selecting targets to prevent civilian casualties and the radicalization of people who could otherwise be on our side.

We need to adjust the way the United States addresses foreign policy as we turn to face new developments in the geopolitical landscape. We have to prepare for the future of armed conflict across the world - America has global interests, and the only way to maintain them is through alliances like N.A.T.O., treaties and diplomacy. In the words of Secretary of Defense and Pullman native James Mattis, “If you don’t fund the State Department fully, then I have to buy more ammunition ultimately.”

When that fails, we must be able to defend our citizens, our friends and allies from any threat; be it the looming shadow of an old foe or the crushing weight of a dictatorial regime bent on oppressing their people and surrounding nations. This involves the development and procurement of the most effective equipment and weaponry so our soldiers maintain a Qualitative Military Edge over our rivals. Our service members give us their all, let’s make sure they’re properly supported while they do.