Energy & Infrastructure

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The world is changing before us and what has worked for the last 200 years will not sustain us into the next century and beyond. In the 1950s, the United States created one of the greatest highway systems of all time. This helped to facilitate interstate commerce, allow the largest peacetime economic expansion in American history and the citizens of the United States to travel freely anywhere they wanted within our country. However, many of our roads and bridges from those golden days have not been properly maintained or modernized.

To remain the world’s strongest economy, we must expand the availability of 21st century jobs through the creation of renewable, scalable and sustainable resources while also investing in improvements and repairs to our crumbling infrastructure. Our hydroelectric dams are the cornerstone of Washington’s power infrastructure and an engineering marvel. Over 70% of our energy comes from these dams, but we are behind on other sources of renewable power. Eastern Washington has a high capacity for both solar and wind power, yet neither has been meaningfully utilized. I will be a tireless advocate for wind, solar and hydroelectric power and the jobs created by these vital and sustainable industries.